Symfony performances

Posted on avril 18, 2014 in System

Since a few weeks, we've stumble upon a few performances problem on our Symfony2 backend. For the record, it's a 50k line codes, lots of feature and custom bundles.


On the first request, Symfony PHP's code must discover all the classes of your code. It does a lot of stat/open/read/close on each file of your project. We've observe a 100% CPU usage for a few seconds, the time required for the code to discover everything.

By default, this feature is called without the --optimize flag.

So we had to custom our fabric script by adding

  $ php composer.phar dump-autoload --optimize

For example, our autoloader filer was created with 300 lines before. After the --optimize flag, it now has more than 5 000 lines.

To be continued with APC support and OpCode Cache of PHP 5.5